June 25, 2021

Souvenirs from all over the world

10 Top Natural Beauty Souvenirs From Around The World

Why not take advantage of your travel to foreign countries to get yourself some really top quality beauty souvenirs?  Many countries have some really lovely products available and they make a really good souvenir and are also very acceptable gifts for family and friends. Natural beauty products are good for all skin types as they are gentle and unlikely to cause any irritation or reactions to the skin. They sometimes take a little longer to work on the skin, but their long term effects are usually really noticeable – and not just to you!

Apart from being really ideal for you and your body, natural beauty products are good for the earth too, as chemicals will not have been used in any stage of their manufacture. Buy your natural beauty souvenirs with confidence, knowing that they are made with natural ingredients provided by Mother Nature.

* An important point to remember is that if you are flying with cabin baggage only, there is a restriction on the size of bottles of liquids you can take with you– 100ml is the limit.

1. Choose gorgeous skincare products from France

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

If you are traveling to France, why not treat yourself to some of the beautiful products made by such famous names as La Roche- Posay, Yves Rocher, Bioderma and Avène? French skincare products have a worldwide reputation for being really excellent and many contain only natural ingredients – including spring water which is known to have miraculous qualities for helping sensitive skin and improving skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Eau thermale Avène Spring Water Spray is a fine misting spray that rejuvenates your skin as you sleep. Some particularly good products to watch out for include Cicaplast Baume B5 by La Roche-Posay, which calms red skin caused by a variety of skin conditions and the range of sunscreen products by the same company are amongst the best available. Yves Rocher youth intensifying serums are popular and the Caudalie range of natural products has been created by a vine grower in Bordeaux and incorporates all the active ingredients from grapes. 

2. Drink top quality water from Hawaii

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

If you would like to drink the purest and most naturally clean water imaginable, Mahalo water is desalinated water that is piped up from a source under the sea bed off Hawaii at a depth of 914 meters (3,000 feet). The water is rich in minerals and free from pollutants and is proving very popular – especially with the Japanese.

3. Enjoy bathing with natural sponges from Symi

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

The Greek island of Symi has long been famous for its lovely natural sea sponges which have been harvested by local divers since the 19th century. The first divers would jump into the sea holding a heavy stone so that they were weighted down enough to reach the sponges which grow on the sea bed. At one time, the island had the largest sea sponge fleet of boats. Today, when you step off the ferry in the harbor, you will see a number of stalls selling the sponges in all different sizes. 

If you are looking for a special souvenir, a natural sea sponge is perfect and if you have a baby in the family, they are perfect for gently cleaning babies’ skin. Natural sponges are perfect for everyone as they are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and are totally free from chemicals and toxins. They are very absorbent, but importantly, do not absorb smells and in fact, contain enzymes that prevent any mold development. Apart from being perfect for babies, cars, motorcycles, and aircraft owners love to use them on paintwork as they are so gentle!

4. Pamper your skin with rosewater from Cyprus

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Whilst you might think of rose water being a popular flavoring for many eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern pastries – and you would be absolutely right- in Cyprus rose water is used, both as a flavoring and as an effective skin cleanser and moisturizer. Roses are grown in the mountain village of Agros where the essential oil is carefully extracted.  Rosewater is one of the purest products to use on the skin, so it is suitable for everyone and it leaves the skin lovely and soft and very fragrant. Rosewater also has excellent antiseptic and astringent properties and can be used to successfully lessen redness on the skin. In Cyprus, rosewater is also used as a natural treatment for eye infections, postnatal depression, and depression. Rosewater can also ease problems with the stomach and liver. 

5. Treat skin problems with the Australian papaw ointment


Papaw ointment was developed in 1906 by the Australian botanist T. P Lucas. It is a totally natural product  – the first in the world of its kind. Lucas’ Papaw ointment is really effective at soothing sunburn, rashes, and cuts and is also good for easing dermatitis.

6. Wash your face with Swedish egg white soap


This might sound a strange thing to do, but Swedish women have been using the traditional recipe for making this soap for generations. In the past, women would make the egg white soap to treat their skin once a week as it ensured pure glowing facial skin, that felt particularly soft. Today, Swedish egg white soap is just as popular and certainly makes a great – and novel souvenir.

7. Treat your skin holistically the new Indian way


The range of Karma Ayurveda products was created nearly 20 years ago using totally natural ingredients that are usually found in the kitchen! This range treats hair, skin, and the body holistically and is available for men, women, children, and babies. The products are presented in a stylish packaging and the range can be found in the top Spas and stores worldwide. The range includes natural henna colorants for hair and a selection of organic khus soaps.

8. When in London pick up some green balm


For centuries, the herb yarrow has been used to heal and repair skin and in recent years has been ingeniously used to produce Móa Green Balm.  Easy to apply and very soothing, the balm can help fade scarring and also stretch marks after pregnancy. In recent years, its fans have included those who have used it to soothe new tattoos and piercings.

9. Protect your skin from stress – the Icelandic way


The stress of daily life can take its toll on your skin – especially the delicate skin around the eyes. Inspired by nature, specialists in Iceland have created a range of products that help to nurture the skin.  Inspired by nature, the products include mineral-rich water, berries that are rich in anti-oxidants, soothing marine algae, and angelica which is known to boost the immune system. The results have been impressive and ‘skyn’ products have been described as ‘magic in bottles’!

10. Beautify yourself with Japanese honey!

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Honey is widely known to be really good for you. In Japan, Hacca Beauty Honey takes this a step further. The honey is blended with a variety of other natural ingredients and the idea is that you add some of the honey mixture to your shower gel, shampoo or skincare products to really keep your skin in top condition. The various honey beauty products have been made to suit various skin types.