July 31, 2021

Souvenirs from all over the world

10 Worst Holiday Souvenirs

There is a wide selection of souvenirs ranging from luxurious, fabrics, gold and pearls to super tacky ideas including fridge magnets and I ♥ tee shirts! Beyond these, there are souvenirs that are simply the worst ones that money can buy! 

Here, we have listed the ten worst holiday souvenirs. You have to absolutely watch out for these weird souvenir ideas!


1.  Indonesia – Kopi luwak

Sounds pleasant enough, but this popular coffee is made from animal dung! The dung of toddy cats is brewed into really excellent coffee that ranks amongst the most expensive in the world!

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2. Vietnam – A snake in rice wine


This is a rather unusual souvenir of your holiday in Vietnam! A venomous snake in a bottle of rice wine – apparently it does not alter the taste! Even more prized, is the snake in a bottle of whiskey! If you would rather, you can plan a trip to China to savor the mouse n wine.

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3.  Australia – a stuffed cane toad

This is a rather interesting Aussie souvenir that is proving very popular! Taxidermy brought up to the 21st century! Giving a gift of one of these stuffed toads is ensuring good luck to the recipient.

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4. Australia an unusual bottle opener

Watch out for an unusual bottle opener featuring a kangaroo scrotum.

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5.  Japan – a piece of dried squid


Popular as a wall hanging and room freshener!

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6. Japan – fish shaped flip flops

Not so much repulsive as in poor taste! Wear some fish on your feet with these unusual flip flops!

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7. Bolivia – llama fetuses

These are usually used as an offering to Pachamama – Mother Earth – but can be bought as souvenirs too. They are said to bring good luck to whoever buys them – clever marketing!

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8. Arizona USA – scorpion paperweights

These are actually quite a stylish souvenir but if you are squeamish, watch out for the scorpions in candy!

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9. United States  dung writing paper

Dung from cows. elephants and goats are being recycled and made into quality writing paper.

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10.  Elephant coffee from Thailand

The dung from a herd of elephants in Thailand is being used to make the world’s most expensive coffee called Un Kono Kuro.

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11. Thailand – chocolate covered scorpion

This souvenir certainly has a hidden meaning as it is an oven roasted scorpion that is dipped in plain chocolate. If you prefer you can opt for chocolate covered grasshoppers instead!

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