September 16, 2021

Souvenirs from all over the world

Top 10 Souvenirs For Nature Lovers

If you are an ardent conservationist or have a friend who enjoys being out in the open or even the wilderness and is passionate about saving the environment, there are some really appropriate gifts to buy. You will definitely want to do some very careful souvenir shopping. The type of souvenir that you will be looking for will be the one that has been made using sustainable materials, has a really good purpose, and is something that can be treasured for years.

1. Enjoy the wild birds

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Everyone enjoys watching wild birds in their garden and the chance to watch them feeding just a short distance away is really special. There are some really good bird feeders on the market that are made from clear acrylic and are fixed using suction pads straight onto a window. This style of feed is really good as it can be enjoyed by everyone -even someone living in a flat.

Other similar gift ideas include bird nesting boxes. You might well be able to find a flat pack kit for making a box and this could be far easier to try and get home in a suitcase than a ready-made box! There are a variety of styles available; some are cylindrical, some square, and both types can be hung from a branch. Some styles are for fixing to a tree trunk or house wall. There are bird boxes that are made in decorated natural wood, whilst others can be painted and there are many in the market that are beautifully decorated to look like mini log cabins.

A ‘variation on a theme’ is to buy a small insect hotel to hang in a garden. These smart-looking little homes attract pollinators such as bees into the garden which is definitely a bonus. 

2. Buy a coloring book for doodlers!

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There are some lovely coloring books on the market that are aimed at adults and feature some really complicated botanical designs that will take a while to complete! Many of the books are sold with a pack of coloring pencils so that no time will be lost in getting started! 

If you have children to buy a gift for, coloring books are always a popular gift and you can choose one with pictures of some of the wild animals you have seen on your travels. Another idea is a ‘teach yourself’ book on how to draw animals and birds which will prove quite compulsive.

3. Enhance a corner with greenery

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A hanging planter makes a lovely souvenir and very acceptable gift – especially if it has been made from local materials such as coconut shells. The planter can be hung inside the house, on a balcony, or in a garden from the branch of a tree so it really is a versatile purchase.  

4. Treat yourself to some wooden jewelry

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Watch out for some locally made wooden jewelry that has been created using organic wood or other types of jewelry that has been made from dried seeds. There are a number of community-based projects worldwide that are working with the local artisans to create beautiful jewelry, made from sustainable materials that can be sold to raise valuable funds for the community. In many cases, if you visit craft workshops or markets, you will be able to meet the artisan and even watch them making your bracelet or necklace – how special is that!

5. Keep a travel journal

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What better way to record all you see and do on your travels, than by having a travel journal. Look out for a really lovely notebook- one either made from recycled paper or better still, one with a wooden cover crafted from sustainable wood. You will see notebooks made from a variety of natural products ranging from papyrus to paper made from animal dung.

6. Buy some souvenirs from the WWF

The World Wildlife Fund has some really great souvenir and gift ideas and you can rest assured that in supporting the WWF you will be helping to fund its many projects that help to protect animals everywhere. There is a great choice of tee-shirts including ones with the famous WWF panda logo, plus countless others depicting zebra, fish, owls, and hummingbirds- all you have to do is choose your favorite! 

If you want to invest in some smart boxers – either blue and decorated with polar bears or grey and adorned with the famous panda logo, there are also socks, nightwear, and other gift ideas too.

7. Look out for a reusable water bottle

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There are some really smart reusable water bottles on the market that are perfect for those who don’t want to use plastic. There are bottles that use magnets for ease of opening and many are shatterproof, can be popped in the dishwasher, and can also be used to keep drinks warm.

8. Adopt an endangered animal!

What better gift idea than taking part in one of the adoption schemes that enable you to adopt an endangered animal or bird? The World Animal Foundation runs such as a scheme as do a number of zoos and wildlife parks around the world – and it’s great because you can renew the annual adoption as many times as you would like.  

9. Buy some great extras for your mobile phone

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These ideas are perfect purchases to make before you head off on your travels, or as a gift for a nature-loving friend. The first idea is a set of lens for use with the camera on your mobile phone. The lenses come in sets of five and fit snugly into a small protective bag and are perfect for photographing wildlife and all types of local scenes. 

If you are camping or traveling from one hostel to another, you may well find a mobile phone lamp a really good buy. The lamp is small and unbreakable and draws power from our mobile to emit a light that is strong enough to ready by. 

10. Is this the ultimate purchase?

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Whether you are hiking, cycling or horse riding, it is almost impossible to be able to carry enough bottles of drinking water to last the day. The Lifestraw will definitely be perfect for your travels or to give as a gift to a like-minded friend. The Lifestraw is small and fits easily into its protective case. The Lifestraw means that you can safely drink water from a mountain stream or river as it removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria – meaning it actually exceeds the required EPA water filter standards.