February 4, 2019

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Top 10 Souvenirs To Buy In Dublin

If you are traveling to Dublin,  do make sure there is a little room in your suitcase for the return journey because there are some great souvenirs that are likely to tempt you! So, we have prepared for you a list of the top 10 souvenirs to buy in Dublin. Enjoy!

1. Guinness

dronepicr, via Wikimedia Commons

Guinness is Dublin!  The two are so closely linked that you will not go far without spotting some Guinness merchandise for sale! This famous ‘black stuff’ is certainly iconic so buy anything from the Guinness range of souvenirs and you have the perfect souvenir from Dublin too! There are souvenirs available everywhere but the widest range is available in the Guinness Storehouse. The best news is that Guinness does have a really good design team working for the brand.

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2. Whiskey

Iceman7840, from Wikimedia Commons

A bottle of good Irish whiskey is the perfect souvenir from Dublin and Jameson Whiskey offers a variety of whiskeys to suit each palate:

Connemara: A peated whiskey with a distinctly smoky taste.

Feckin Irish Whiskey: Smooth and well balanced, this whiskey makes the perfect base for mixing & cocktails.

Tullamore Dew: This whiskey embraces the three basic whiskey tastes, golden grain, pot still and malt and it is perfect when enjoyed on its own with perhaps a little ice – no more!

Wild Geese:  This is a lovely well-balanced whiskey with a distinct maltiness and richness.

Teeling: This is a superb single malt whiskey with the taste of dry tannins from the barrel – a connoisseur’s delight.

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3. Claddagh Ring

Photo by Royal Claddagh on Foter.com

The Claddagh ring is a traditional ring design representing love, friendship, and loyalty. The design is unisex and the motifs incorporated in the design are a heart for love, a crown representing loyalty and clasped hands signifying friendship. How you wear your Claddagh ring can communicate different messages. Worn on the right hand and with the point of the heart towards the wearer, the message given is ‘I am in a relationship’, but if the point of the heart is facing outwards, it means that the wearer is free. If the ring is worn on the left hand, with the point of the heart worn towards the wear it means ‘ I am married’ and if the point faces away from the wearer it is declaring ‘I am engaged’.

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4. Woolen Products

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Ireland is well known for its quality woolen products and Avoca is one of the top brands with a number of retail shops in Dublin. The company was started in 1723 by three sisters. and today is well known for its quality woolen and mohair products.  Its range includes jumpers, handwoven scarves, and blankets. If you have a hire car, going to the woolen mill which is situated on the outskirts of Dublin is great fun.

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5. Creamy Milk Chocolate

Photo by a.drian on Foter.com

The creamy milk of the local cattle makes really good milk chocolate and it is readily available in local shops. Butlers is the most popular brand to watch out for and has the slogan ‘the purveyors of happiness’.  Along with bars of chocolate, the company makes lovely gift boxes. A bar of Butler’s dairy milk chocolate with whiskey combines the most popular Irish products! There are more than 15 Butlers Chocolate Cafés in Dublin and a lovely touch is that if you order a coffee you are given a complimentary praline. The cafés stock all the chocolate products and there are Butlers chocolate shops at Dublin Airport too!

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6. Irish Crystal

Jonathan Billinger / Waterford Crystal Vase

A piece of Irish crystal is certainly something to treasure. Galway and Waterford crystals are known worldwide and both produce exquisite glasses, water jugs, and vases. If you are worried about space in your travel bag, Waterford makes the most beautiful crystal picture frames.

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7. Classic Irish Literature

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

The Irish love their literature and Dublin is known as the ‘City of Literature’  and is the UNESCO City of Literature, so what better souvenir of your trip to Dublin than a book by  Dublin writer James Joyce? In his books, Dubliners, and Ulysses, Joyce immortalized the city. Other good choices would be WB Yeates and George Bernard Shaw or a work by a lesser-known Irish writer such as Rodd Doyle or Christy Brown.

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8. Irish Linen

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Ireland is known for its beautiful table linen which is one of its most traditional industries with linen made from flax fibers. There are plenty of shops in Dublin including Kilkenny in Nassau Street that is well-stocked with beautiful table linen and kitchen accessories. If the room is tight in your suitcase, there are plenty of tea towels to choose from including ones with historical maps of the city and Ireland. There are plenty of seasonal lines available throughout the year too. If you want to be assured of quality, look out for the Linen Guild logo on your chosen piece.

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9. Doors of Dublin

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

You will see photographs, posters and even fridge magnets of the city’s famous front doors! The doors are classic Georgian style doors of private homes that are painted in primary colors for quick recognition. You can buy any of the range of course, but if you prefer you can go for a wander around St Stephen’s Green, Merrion Square or Fitzwilliam Square with your camera/mobile and get your own collection of photos for future use!

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10. Newbridge Silverware

Picture Credits: newbridgesilverware.com

Newbridge is situated close to Dublin and at first, the company made cutlery. The company still produces stylish sets of 88 pieces of cutlery for about £1,200 – which are always popular wedding gifts. More recently, it has diversified and now makes jewelry and gift ideas too including napkin rings and candlesticks. The company offers a range of different designs to suit all budgets. If space is tight in your luggage, Newbridge also makes keyrings and other small keepsakes for about £10. Arnotts in Henry Street has the full range of Newbridge Silverware as does Concept in the Blackrock Shopping Centre on Frascati Road.

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