January 22, 2019

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Top 10 Souvenirs To Buy In Dusseldorf

It’s always a little bit difficult to choose the perfect souvenir to take home from your holidays, whether it is for yourself or somebody else. It can be especially hard in a city that isn’t a big tourist hot spot.

We’ve listed for you the top 10 souvenirs to buy in Dusseldorf. Take it as a little guide for picking up the right gift.

1. Mustard

AlMare, from Wikimedia Commons

It sounds a little weird, but Germany has some of the most delightful mustard you could think of. Take some home with you and spread the word about German mustard (quite literally).

The classic Dusseldorf Mustard is Lowensenf, it’s been a part of Dusseldorf since 1920, after relocating from their German-occupied territory in France (History lesson too).

The shop, located in Altstadt, has more than just the Lowensenf Mustard though. No doubt, you’ll find one that you absolutely love, even if you’re not really a mustard lover.

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2. Beer

Photo by Scottb211 on Foter.com

Every German souvenir list usually comes with a beer suggestion, there’s a great reason why; it’s delicious. Germans love their beer, and they’ve really perfected it beautifully.

Altbier is a type of beer that is only brewed in the city of Dusseldorf. Just a little tip to you: always say that Altbier is the best beer when you’re in Dusseldorf, it’s quite important.

It quite literally means “old beer” in English and has this quite unique dark color to it. So much so, that you will be able to tell the difference when compared to another.

Any pub or bar in Dusseldorf will serve this specialty, and if you’re a fan just head on down to a grocery store and take some home with you. We’ve also seen some souvenir shops stock travel-friendly Altbier, which could prove very useful.

3. Fortuna Soccer Gear

Picture Credits: shop.f95.de

Fortuna is the German football club in Dusseldorf and a big part of the city. If you or your friends and family are big football lovers, a Fortuna souvenir will either be really funny or really thoughtful.

There’s a Fortuna Dusseldorf fan shop that stocks loads of cute little memorabilia. This would be a really nice way to show somebody that you’re thinking of them.

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4. Dusseldorf Cartwheeler

Photo by sheilaellen on Foter.com

You’re probably very confused right now. Let us explain what a cartwheel man is. More than likely when you visit the city, you’ll see them everywhere, but the question that arises is what are they?

Legend has it, in 1288 during the battle of Worringen, the Count of Berg won against the Archbishop of Koln. After this amazing feat, the whole city of Dusseldorf celebrated by cartwheeling down the streets.

Now, the Dusseldorf Cartwheeler is the oldest tradition in the city. There are statues in the city, which are big landmarks for Dusseldorf.

You’ll easily be able to find a Dusseldorf Cartwheeler of some sort around the city. They’re on cups, keyrings, magnets, bags and just about anything else you could dream of.

5. Labeled gifts

Photo by trioptikmal on Foter.com

This brings us nicely onto our next souvenir. It’s an obvious one, but it’s a brilliant one nonetheless. What could remind you of your trip to Dusseldorf more than with a little gift that has the city’s name imprinted on it?

Souvenir shops are scattered around the city, each one having their own unique, colorful set of gifts to buy.

Our favorite classic souvenir gifts are jumpers, mugs, keyrings, and pens. Dusseldorf’s souvenirs often come with an imprint of the beautiful architecture you find in the Media City. Never underestimate the power of these types of keepsakes.

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6. Cherry Schnapps

Photo by Wine Dharma on Foter.com

Maybe beer isn’t quite your thing? Well, another beverage that Dusseldorfians love is Cherry Schnapps.

Krumme is the local Cherry Schnapps beverage in Dusseldorf, and they absolutely love it. It’s got a kind of sour taste to it, but in the best way possible. We have a great feeling that you’ll love it too.

You’ll find this in basically any store in the city.

7. Nutcracker

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

The German tradition of a nutcracker symbolizes power and strength. They’re supposed to guard your home, protecting you and your family from evil spirits, bad energy, and danger.

Worldwide, people associate the Nutcracker with Germany and with good luck. Making these delightful little ornaments one of the most beloved souvenirs to take home.

Over the years, the little wooden delights have been associated with Christmas, becoming something of a global phenomenon now. Imagine the joy you could bring by buying somebody a traditional German nutcracker for their home?  These aren’t hard to come by in Germany, and Dusseldorf is no different.

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8. Beer Steins

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Another traditionally German object – but this one actually comes in handy. We all know that German’s love their beer, and they stereotypically drink out of a stein.

German steins are a fun present to give to any of your beer loving friends, they also double as great vases – we’ve tried it.

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9. Cuckoo Clock

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Yes, do not be surprised by the mention of the cuckoo clock. Although not the original birthplace of the cuckoo clock, they’ve become a symbol of Germany, no matter the location.

If you want an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock, it will set you back quite a lot of money. They are definitely worth it, but it might be a risk when it comes to traveling and transporting.

The alternative is to buy a much more affordable, souvenir type. Plenty of souvenir shops in Dusseldorf will sell fun little cuckoo clocks – a nice little reminder of your stay in Germany.

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10. Christmas Ornaments

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Dusseldorf has amazing Christmas markets that you’ll definitely be able to find unique, traditional Christmas ornaments at.

However, even if you’re not visiting during the Christmas period, all cities in Germany have amazing Christmas stores. You can buy one of the beautiful ornaments in advance, it will be something really special to look at once a year – a memory of a great trip at one of the greatest times of the year. Arthur Platz is an incredible Christmas shop located in the Grabenstrasse. Give it a visit.

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We hope this guide helped you in choosing the best souvenirs to buy for yourself and others. Walking around the many shops in Dusseldorf, you’ll more than likely discover so many little bits and bobs that you would want to take home with you.