February 26, 2021

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Top 10 Souvenirs To Buy In Glasgow

Glasgow has such a good selection of shops, that it is very unlikely that you will not find some really good souvenirs to take home with you! If you are after some traditional Scottish gifts rather than ones that are  ‘Glaswegian’, then the souvenir shops in Buchanan Street have plenty of ideas including all things tartan and boxes of delicious buttery shortbread! Without loosing your precious time, we have listed for you below a list of the top 10 souvenirs to buy in Glasgow. Enjoy!

1. A Bottle of Auchentoshan Whiskey

Photo by nschouterden on Foter.com

This excellent single malt whiskey is Glaswegian through and through as it is made in the distillery in Clydebank – just ten minutes from Glasgow city center. The name ‘Auchentoshan’ comes from the Scottish garlic achadh an oisein – meaning ‘corner of the field’. Auchentoshan is a true lowland whiskey and the distillery is one of the last in the area. Unlike most single malts which are distilled twice, Auchentoshan has a triple distillation that results in a softer flavored whiskey and many Scots refer to it as a ‘breakfast whiskey’ as it is sweeter and lighter than most. Buying a bottle can be combined perfectly with a tour of the distillery.

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2. A Vintage Map of Glasgow

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

If you have enjoyed your stay in this vibrant city, a vintage map makes an unusual and rather special souvenir. Printed in black on a cream background, they are available in a variety of sizes – framed or unframed. They are interesting as they highlight a number of places of interest in the area and you can discover something about the past of the city. This is a unique piece of wall art that makes a perfect souvenir.

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3. A Football Shirt to Wear Proudly!

Picture Credits: store.celticfc.net

The city of Glasgow has two really successful football teams – Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers – and both are long established and world famous. You may just have the opportunity to go along and watch a home game whilst you are in the city, but if not, both stadiums have well-stocked shops that are full of promotional merchandise including shirts, scarves, and mugs.

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4. Scottish Soap

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Highland Fling soaps are lovely round shaped soaps that are 100% natural and are made with oatmeal and honey. They are presented in a distinctive recycled metal tin which has the logo of a Scottish piper on the lid.

If the idea of soap appeals, another popular type is the soap made using Scottish Innis & Gunn beer. These soaps also contain a mixture of palm, coconut and olive oils plus shea butter and feel creamy and luxurious.

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5. Tartan Ties, Kilt Pins, and Cuff Links

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If you would like something ‘distinctly Scottish’ to take home as a souvenir, look out for some of the smaller old fashioned tourist shops as you are likely to find some more unusual gifts in them. If you really want something different, go for a traditional sporran made in leather or fur, the pouch that is worn with Highland dress and serves the same purpose as a pocket! Kilt pins of various designs make an unusual souvenir as do pewter cufflinks in a traditional design. Tartan ties are available in a myriad of different tartans and some of the lesser known ones in soft heather colors are particularly attractive – but do your homework, as you could be wearing it months later when it is recognized by someone from that particular clan! 

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6. Glasgow Record Wall Clocks

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

If you have room in your travel bag, these clocks make a rather unusual souvenir. They are made from a new 12” vinyl record and they have a large cream colored label bearing a skyline silhouette of the city and some have other motifs such as the flag of St Andrew. They are modern and fun as well as being useful too!   

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7. Cashmere Knitwear

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Scotland has long been known for good knitwear and in recent years, one particular kind has proved an increasingly popular buy and that is cashmere. Cashmere comes from the under fleece of the Hircus goat that lives in Mongolia. The fibers are collected and sent to Scotland where the soft Scottish waters are used to produce top quality cashmere which is so warm and soft.

There are a number of shops in Glasgow including the House of Cashmere in the city center. They have a lovely range of classic styles in this fine knitwear that is so warm and snug as well. Along with scarves and jumpers, cashmere socks in soft muted shades are a popular buy as are cozy blanket wraps. 

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8. A Game of Monopoly – The Glasgow Version!

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Would you believe it? There is a special version of this popular board game that is based on the city of Glasgow! Players can compete to buy such well known local areas as Princes Square, Glasgow Central Railway Station and Hampden Park football ground – what fun!

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9. Cairn O’Mohr Wines and Ciders

Picture Credits: cairnomohr.com

Widely available in Glasgow, but actually made in a fertile area in Perthshire, this excellent range of country wines and ciders makes a very special souvenir. The winery has been making fruit wines since 1987 using locally grown fruits, berries, and leaves. Flavors include gooseberry, oak leaf, and blackcurrant. The range includes some really good sparkling wines and some non-alcoholic wines too.

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10. Celtic Jewellery

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Since 1988, the Glaswegian jewelry maker Russell Dougal Caldwell has had his popular Mithril workshop in the city. His designs are both classic and contemporary and are based on the history and artwork of the Celtic culture. Many of his silver pieces incorporate different knotted designs, whilst his more contemporary work like his silver amulet pendants are hung on a leather thong necklace.

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