July 31, 2021

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Top 10 Souvenirs To Buy In Spain

Being home to some of the most exquisite architecture and culture, Spain receives millions of tourists each year from different parts of the globe. Apart from incredible beaches, wines, and heart-rendering histories, it is also home to unique souvenirs. If you are planning your next visit or vacation to Spain, do remember to leave space in your luggage to ensure that you can carry home the best reminders of the country, the trip, and a few gift items for friends and family members.

Major tourist attractions sell the most exceptional craft and are the right choice for gifting it to the loved ones or as a remembrance of the trip. Nonetheless, it is imperative to keep in mind about the travel restrictions and additional screening required at an airport. Before beginning the journey or making a purchase, check with the guidelines of your airliner to understand the constraints.

The following guide will help you pick up the best and most exciting souvenirs from Spain:

Seville bullfight poster

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

The one thing that encapsulates the trip to Spain is the visit to the streets of Seville. A bullfight poster with your name or the names of your loved ones is an exotic purchase. Although you will come across them throughout the country, especially, bullrings, they are more prevalent in Seville.

Blue Wine


Ah yes, of course, the wine is now blue! The traditional wine community raised their eyebrows when GiK, one of the leading Spanish winemakers, launched the world’s first blue wine in 2016. The company created the mixture using the traditional red and white grapes with a few alterations to pigments to achieve the blue color. You can buy a bottle from any wine shop or try a glass before purchasing one from any restaurant.   

A Bota

flydime, via Wikimedia Commons

Also called as a wineskin, bota is a drinking vessel native to the Spanish community, especially, wine. Nonetheless, the container can hold any form of liquid. The design is such that one must keep it at an angle to enable the contents to shoot out into the mouth without the need for the drinker to touch bota’s mouth. Due to this, it is possible to share the drinking vessel even with strangers.

Spanish Fan

Photo by waldopics on Foter.com

Also termed as the Albanico, the Spanish fan is a popular souvenir. Many of the dance troops and forms still use it as the primary prop for a concert. It is an exceptional addition to the list of the souvenir that you can buy in Spain, especially for the older generation. These fans are available in different colors and designs with various prints embedded on the surface.

Toledo Sword

BackFire, via Wikimedia Commons

Until firearms replaced the swords and shields, Toledo supplied the finest steel swords and shields for centuries. It helped in equipping the cavalry of Europe and held a prominent position. However, today, a few of the manufacturers make them exclusively for tourists. They are intriguing and of good quality. If you find carrying a sword home a challenging task due to airline restrictions, you can choose a letter opener. Do remember that you must ship either the sword or the opener by storing them in the check-in luggage.

Jerez Sherry

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Wine is a prominent drink and produced across Spain. However, the only one that is distinctive and stands apart is the vino de Jerez, also called as Sherry in English. The taste will be different from the usual products. Make sure you prepare yourself if you are tasting sherry for the first time. The reason why the sherry tastes different is the environment and fortifying conditions. Jerez has a unique atmosphere, which helps in acquiring the unusual taste. You can purchase several bottles, for they are available for as low as $6. Jerez is likewise home to brandy, the grapier version of cognac, which is easy on the palette.


Picture Credits: pixabay.com

If you are enthusiastic about music and like to follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan and others, then complete the fascination by owning a flamenco guitar. You can visit the Conde family for they are a family of guitar maker for over a century. Do mind that the instruments are quite expensive but worth every penny. If you are considering a lifetime investment, do ensure that you have appropriate cash reserves before heading to the store.

Spanish Cured Ham

Photo by iagonmi on Foter.com

Like French boast about their wine, Spaniards boast widely about their cured ham. Also called Jamon, it is part of every citizen’s daily diet and cured for at least a year. Finding an appropriate seller is difficult. It can be unpalatable for all those who never had ham. Consider buying Jamon from Huelva, Salamanca, and Granada. These locations sell some of the finest cured ham in Spain.


Photo by apairandaspare on Foter.com

Although you can buy one even in your home country, getting a genuine product is possible only in Spain. If you are in search of a high-quality product and a well-known manufacturer, do consider Casa Hernanz in Madrid. They are in the business of manufacturing espadrilles and rope-soled shoes since the 1840s. They were the shoe of the working class. However, they rose to prominence and as a summer fashion accessory when Lauren Bacall wore them for Key Largo film in the year 1948.

Granada Saffron

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Saffron is an essential commodity in any Spanish dish. It turns a recipe into a more authentic one. You will be saving a couple of hundreds of dollars when you are purchasing them domestically in Spain. You will further have a quality product for the price that you are paying. Granada is the right place for you to come across authentic saffron along with other spices.

Make sure to add a bag or carry less luggage to pack with items that you can bring back from Spain, as you have a clear picture of the different souvenirs that you can get in Spain. You may even come across several other fascinating products. Make sure you have something for all your loved ones back at home!