June 25, 2021

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Top 7 Souvenirs To Buy In Munich

Munich, a rare location in the Western world which allows old and new to sit side by side, a combination of high tech and traditional heritage, there really is no place quite like this city. It’s a beautiful city, bursting with places to visit, events to attend and things to do. The question is, what do you spend your last few euros on at the end of your trip, that will really help you remember the amazing experience?

The best kind of souvenirs will invoke nostalgia, happiness and maybe even make you get bit by that travel bug again. They’ll be utilizable and memorable. Below we have listed the top 7 souvenirs to buy in Munich, from the classics to the unique.

1. Beer Steins

Arnaud 25, from Wikimedia Commons

Nothing quite screams Germany like a good stein. They’re a traditional German object, created during the 14th century as an attempt to prevent the spread of the plague. Nothing stops the Germans from drinking beer.

Now they’re more of a collector’s item or a souvenir. You’ll find them in every souvenir shop in Munich, all with different styles. Some may even have the city of Munich painted on them. This would be a great gift to get for one of your beer loving friends. 

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2. A Christmas Ornament

Aaron Burden, via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that Germany is kind of responsible for the Christmas that we know and love today? Germany knows exactly how much of a holiday influence they are, all over the world, and they play on it. If you go to Germany in the winter time, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Christmas markets and be bombarded with all things traditionally Christmas.

Why not pick up a special Christmas ornament, from the country that created the Christmas celebrations and decorations that the West loves today.

Also, most souvenir shops in Germany will sell Christmas ornaments all year round.

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3. Lederhosen or Dirndls

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

The traditional clothing for men and women in Bavaria – the southern state, including Munich. If you’re visiting Munich in October, make sure to check out Oktoberfest – you’ll fit in if you wear your lederhosen or dirndls.

Lederhosen are those leather pants and dirndl refers to the dress – both extremely stereotypically German, and beautiful. Souvenir shops will sell fun versions of these wonderful traditional garments.

Just a little side note, avoid buying lederhosen second hand – they are never washed.

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4. Munich Labeled

Photo by marcoverch on Foter.com

Sometimes the best souvenirs are the classics. Why not pick up a great notebook, mug or pen with the words ‘Munich’ on them? This way, you’ll never forget your time in Munich, and you’ll utilize your souvenir. You can pick little items like this up from the airport too.

Munich has an array of souvenir shops too, you’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye. T-shirts, cups, keyrings, photo frames or trinkets will be easy to find. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a classic, tourist souvenir.

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5. Cuckoo Clock

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

If you really want to get a signature German souvenir, a cuckoo clock is a way to go. The genuine Black Forest clock, or the cuckoo clock, was invented in Germany, becoming what we all love and admire today. What could be more amazing than bringing home a traditional German cuckoo clock?

Munich sells cuckoo clocks, but they are not traditional Black Forest clocks. Rather, you’ll find cheaper versions – sometimes in bright colors. Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest can be extremely expensive…if you’re desperate to get one.

Obviously, cuckoo clocks can be quite big, heavy, expensive and delicate, which is something you need to keep in mind for your trip to the airport!

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6. Lebkuchen

Photo by marcoverch on Foter.com

These delicious and beautiful gingerbread cookies were once only available around Christmas. Now, you can find them at any time of the year – the demand for them was just that high.

They’re delicious but, we must say, best to be given as gifts to those you love. Some Lebkuchen even have sayings such as “Ich Liebe Dich” (I love you) on them.

Don’t worry, they probably won’t break in your airport luggage – they’re super durable. So, if you’re searching for a quick, inexpensive but thoughtful gift, this should be on your list.

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7. Food and Drink

Photo on Foter.com

Admittedly, German food might not be everybody’s go-to for tastiness but, believe it or not, Munich offers many delights that you can take back as souvenirs.

  • Haribo – We know you can get these anywhere, but Germany is where they were invented. They have a selection of amazing Haribo goodies that you can take home and share (or not).
  • Kinder – They’re also the inventors of the beloved favorite – Kinder. Why not take home some delicious chocolate treats.
  • Knackwurst – we can’t have a German food list without mentioning sausages. Knackerwursts are just little sausage snacks, that you can eat cold. Perfect as souvenirs.
  • Beer – Obviously, one to buy after you’ve made it through airport security. If you’re a beer drinker, or you know somebody who is, it would just be wrong to not buy some traditional German beer. They really do it right.

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Walking around Munich, no doubt you’ll find tonnes of sweet little things that you can take home with you. The streets are filled with high street shops and independent boutiques, making it so easy for you to find something you fall in love with.

No doubt, you’ll also find yourself at a Munich market in your travels, making it inevitable that you’ll pick up unique, fun German souvenirs.

The most important thing is to buy something that you’ll look at, a few weeks, months or even years after your travels and remember the amazing time that you had in Munich.