December 6, 2017

Souvenirs from all over the world

Top Eight Souvenirs To Buy In Italy

1. Local Cheese

italian cheese 
Photo by _gee_ on / CC BY

Italians have also mastered the cheese-making process, particularly of products like Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, and Asiago.  While some may think that the cheeses made and sold in their local areas are similar enough, Italian cheese masters will tell you that this is not the case.  Through the traditional cheese aging processes, the tastes of these cheeses become superior to any other.

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2. Local Wine

italian wine
Photo by Anna & Michal on / CC BY-SA

Italy, along with many other countries in Europe, is known for its production of high-quality wine. While many know about Italy’s production of Prosecco and Moscato, many other lesser-known local wines would be great souvenirs to take home, like Trebbiano, Vermentino, and Bianchello.

3. Local Street Artist Paintings

Street Artist Painting
Photo by shankar s. on / CC BY

Take a piece of the local culture with you by buying a street artist painting.  I mean, you are buying work by an Italian artist, which sounds pretty cool.  Just be sure that, if you decide to buy a painting from a street artist, they’ve painted it; many will try to sell printed, mass-produced paintings that aren’t worth your Euros.  One easy way to tell is if the artist is painting there and then.  However, if an artist is not painting when you are there, the paintings could still be original.  As a second test, touch one of the paintings and see if you can feel a difference in texture between the painted and non-painted segments.  If there is a difference, it’s real.

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4. Italian Leather Products

italian leather
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Italian leather is always a go-to souvenir item.  While these products are pretty easy to get ahold of anywhere in Italy, Florence is the city to buy them in.  And there’s anything from jackets to bags, wallets, belts, shoes, couches, so you’re sure to find something that’ll suit your fancy.

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5. Limoncello (or Other Lemon Products)

Photo by kizzzbeth on / CC BY-SA

If you are down in the Naples region of Italy, be sure to stop by the city of Sorrento and buy some limoncello.  Sorrento is known for its lemon products – everything from lemon juice, lemon candy, lemon cake to, of course, limoncello.

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6. Murano Glass Products from Venice

Murano Glass
Photo by jay galvin on / CC BY

The island of Murano, just a few minutes away by boat from the famed city of Venice, is known for its intricate, high-quality glasswork.  The glass artisans on the island can mold the heated, now-fluid sand into any glass object your heart desires – from jewelry to vases to chandeliers.

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7. Religious Icons from the Vatican

religious icon
Photo by Anosmia on / CC BY

The Vatican.  The center of the Catholic faith.  The home of the pope.  This noteworthy location is the perfect place to buy a religious icon to hang on your wall or leave on your mantle at home.

8. Biscotti

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Although most Italian baked goods don’t travel too well, biscotti is an exception.  These tasty biscuits filled with everything from dried cranberries to pistachios can be flown across oceans and still be good to dunk into your coffee the next morning.

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