October 17, 2021

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Top Souvenirs To Buy In Madrid

If you have the wanderlust and you are bitten by the travel bug, it is really common to travel places and amass different kinds of experiences. Madrid is one such place which is likely to help you enjoy your tour to the fullest. The city has the kind of energy which truly takes you to places and helps you enjoy the good times.

So, if you have a trip planned to Madrid and you are looking to make it a good one, we have some of the best souvenirs lined up for you. The best thing about buying souvenirs is that it helps you take a part of the place back home with you. So, without wasting any more time, let us see as to what are some of the top souvenirs to buy in Madrid that you can take back home.

1. Ceramics

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

The whole of Spain is famous for making some of the most breathtakingly beautiful ceramics. There are several stores in Madrid which specialize in the making of ceramics and this is why we will recommend you to check out the variety and pick the ones which seem to best suit your taste. The kind of fine designs which you will find in the different styles of ceramic product is sure to blow your mind away as you may crave to buy too many of them. Remember, they are fragile and therefore you have to be sure that you handle them with utmost care.

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2. The Spanish fan

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

If you have been to Spain, you would know why we insist on having this item in the must-have souvenir list. The Spanish fan has been in vogue ever since the 18th century and you can wave it and feel the comfort during the summer and sultry days in Madrid. Once again, they come in an exciting range of color and prints. They form a great economical souvenir which you can take back home for your beloved friends as well.

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3. The violet candy

Tamorlan, via Wikimedia Commons

There is no way you can miss out on the violet candy when you are in Madrid. Found in the shop called Violeta which was established some 100 years ago; these candies are to die for. They look absolutely gorgeous, come in great packaging and the taste is beyond what words could do justice. So, if you are looking for a sugar sweet souvenir, you know the one you need to pick!

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4. The local art

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Madrid is home to an endless amount of artists. No matter which street you saunter, you are bound to be impressed by some majestic display of art. So, if you happen to have a thing for art and you are looking to take something fancy back home for your girlfriend or wife, we totally recommend checking out some of the local art shops and their incredibly detailed and beautiful paintings. There is no doubt that every single time you would take a look at these, you will fall in love with the brilliance of the colors and pattern. It is a great way of capturing the beauty of Madrid and taking it home with you.

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5. Football jersey


Who doesn’t love Real Madrid? Well, we know some of you don’t! Regardless, for every tourist who comes to Madrid, you should never leave without buying a football jersey.

If you happen to be a Real Madrid diehard fan or know someone who is, head to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and make sure to pick your favorite jersey and take a detour of the stadium too. This will end up being the kind of experience you will never ever forget.

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6. The wine


Spain is known to produce some of the most amazing wine which you should definitely taste and you are likely to get hooked to. So, when in Madrid, look out for the best local wine which you love. Taking a few bottles home for your family and friends is a great way to savor the taste of Madrid even in your homeland and you can also raise a toast to the good times you had here.

You can head to Lavinia as it has one of the biggest selections of the finest wines of Madrid. The best thing is that you will find a lot of them for simply a couple of Euros which means that you can either stock too many bottles or spend your money on other pleasures too.

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7. Espadrilles

Photo by spera.de on Foter.com

If you are a shoe kind of person, keep an eye out for the best of espadrilles in Madrid. They are one of the top choices of shoes in summers and this means that you are going to be blown by the kind of whopping variety you will find in them. They are not likely to be very expensive unless you pick them from premium brands and they come in an exciting range of styles as well.

So, buy them in bulk to please your peeps at home and end up cherishing your haul as souvenirs from Madrid.

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These are some of the exciting and popular options as far as souvenir shopping in Madrid is concerned. We recommend you to always be on the lookout for great shopping picks because it is often the right way to make sure that you end up bagging the best stuff and the right deals as well.

Madrid is a wonderful place which is sure to call you back again. So, stock up on your souvenirs so that they serve as a great remembrance of a fun-filled trip!