May 14, 2019

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Top Souvenirs To Buy In Rio de Janeiro

We have all heard of the crazy atmosphere and exciting travel things in Rio de Janeiro. With its pristine golden beaches and the lush green mountains along with the spectacular nightlife, there is little that is left. You will find the best of everything in this Brazilian city and you are sure to be in awe of the brilliance of this city. The Copacabana beach and the Rio carnival are two of the main highlights of this place. So, if you have your heart set on Rio de Janeiro, we are here to talk about some of the best souvenirs which you should buy in this city. With the help of these souvenirs, you will be able to take a part of the city home with you.

1. Hammocks

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If you are wondering why are hammocks in the list of souvenirs to buy from Rio de Janeiro, you need to know that they are hailed to be a piece of a legacy dating back to the colonial days in Brazil. You will find plenty of people who actually use it to sleep as well.

Feira de São Cristóvão is by far the best place where you can get hold of some of the finest hammocks. Make sure to check out their opening time so you end up visiting during the right hours.

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2. Cachaca

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This is the national spirit of Brazil and when you are touring Rio de Janeiro, what better gift than to take this bottle of spirit home with you. It is made from sugar cane extract. If you are looking for the most premium taste, opt for gold cachucha as this one has aged for quite a longer duration.

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3. Cigars

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Not just Rio de Janeiro, but the whole of Brazil is known to be one of the best places when it comes to buying dry-cured cigars. The country boasts one of the best fertile and rich soil which is suitable for the growth of tobacco leaves. These cigars are different from the Cuban ones and are way smaller in size. This makes it easier to be carried around wherever you want to go.

Tabacaria Alto Estilo is one of the best shops in Rio de Janeiro to buy these cigars but you will find a lot of them dotted throughout the whole city. Make sure to settle for good ones and then every time you take a whiff even in your homeland, you are bound to remember the Brazilian beauties and the perfect times in Rio de Janeiro.

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4. Beachwear

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Whenever anyone utters the word Brazil, the first thing that pops in our mind is beaches and babes. So, it is very natural to find some of the most iconic beachwear in Rio de Janeiro.

The bikini had come to the country back in the 1950s and the popularity has never thinned even a little.  From the traditional bikinis to the low waist tanga, everything can be found easily.

There are several brands that deal in the best of beachwear but it is Blueman which is known to be one of the most promising and popular ones. You will find beachwear for both men and women here and the variety is mind-boggling. So, check out the massive options and pick whatever it is that seems to suit you the best.

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5. Canga

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This is a versatile piece of clothing which can be used as a towel at the beach and doubled up as a sarong as well. Such is its massive popularity that almost anyone who comes here makes it a point to take a few of these, home with them. They can come in several bright and vibrant colors and patterns and they are made with the best quality of fabric as well.

You can find the Brazilian flag imprinted on it as well. This infers that you will be able to collect a true souvenir to take back with you.

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6. Goiabada

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It is mainly a guava paste that has been made with sugar and pectin as well. It is one of the key staple foods of Brazil and so if you are looking to take a part of the local cuisine home, this is by far the most recommended item.

You can simply mix it with cheese and have it along with your morning cup of coffee. Trust me; you are going to get hooked to the flavor. So, make it a point to stock it up and carry it with yourself for your friends and family. They are likely to love this Brazilian flavor too.

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7. Coffee

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How can we not have coffee on this list! We know that Brazil is famous for the best coffee beans. Such is its prolific popularity and production that it was once called as green gold by the farmers.

One of the top coffee brands known as Café Pele hails from the heart of Brazil. So, chose the best coffee beans and take them with you and sip your coffee and remember the perfect aroma of Rio de Janeiro.

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With these many diverse options at your hand, you can most definitely pick the best kind of souvenirs which you are sure that you would love. Each and every one of them would make an excellent gifting item and give you a lot to be happy about.

Do not forget to carry stuff for your friends too because everyone loves to latch on to a souvenir from iconic cities like Rio de Janeiro.